I often have the pleasure of giving academic presentations or professional keynote addresses across Canada and on occasion at conferences throughout the world. If you are interested in inviting me to present at your conference on topics such as those in the presentations below, please email me at

Here is a list of my most recent presentations:

2017 (7)


“Risky business? Communicating risk in science in everday life.” McMaster University Radiation Sciences Speakers Series. (April 20), Hamilton, ON.


“The changing landscape of motor vehicle protocols: Dealing with today’s 24/7 media environment”. Annual conference of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada. (June 16), Niagara Falls, ON.

“Champions of truth: The role of public relations in an era of fake news”. Workshop presentation. Annual Canadian Public Relations Conference. (May 30), Kelowna, BC.

“Communicating is a risky business: Are you prepared?” Keynote presentation. Fleet Safety Council Central Chapter. (May 9), Cambridge, ON.

“Stories, storytellers and social media: Establishing the framework for effective communications”. Keynote presentation. Thrive Group Annual Speakers Series “Social Media: The Good, the bad and the ugly”. (May 3), Hamilton, ON.

“The new Chief Communication Officer (CCO): Transforming enterprises in a changing world”. Keynote presentation. IABC Grand Valley Chapter Break Through Conference. (March 29), Kitchener, ON.                     


“Getting to change: How trustworthy communicators & persuasive narratives can lead to healthy attitude and behavioural change” Keynote presentation. The Region of Waterloo Annual Communicators Conference. (January 27). Waterloo, ON.

2016 (5)            


 “Academic leadership and professional associations: The role of academics in leadership positions on professional public relations associations.” Invited speaker to the annual Public Relations Division Pre-Conference Meeting. Annual Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication. (3 August). Minneapolis, Minnesota.


  “Realizing the value and importance of reputation management in the Brazilian mining sector.” Keynote presentation to Anglo Gold Ashanti’s Leadership Development Forum. (August 10), Nova Lima – Minas Gerais, Brazil.

 “Planning and preparing for the inevitable: Developing a crisis mindset in long-term care facilities.” Keynote presentation to the Thrive Group Annual Speakers Series “Crisis management: The Human Factor” (May 4), Burlington, Ontario.


 Reputation, risks and social capital: Re-imaging the neighbourhood variety store”. Keynote presentation to the Ontario Convenience Store Association Annual Meeting. (March 7), Toronto, Ontario.

“Order makers or order takers: Developing the mindset of a strategic communicator”. Keynote presentation. Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Government of Ontario. (January 27), Toronto, Ontario.