My Research

My primary research interests intersect the disciplines of public relations, crisis management, reputation management and behavioural communications.

If you are interested in reading some of my publications and research articles, I would direct you to two popular academic sites where most of this material is posted.


For those interested, here is a sampling of some of my recently published articles:

2017                Wright, D.K., & Flynn, T. “Public relations education and the development of professionalization in Canada and the United States.” In T. Watson (Ed.), North American perspectives on the development of public relations (pp. 51-64). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan UK.

2016               Flynn, T. “Social neuroscience: New approaches for public relations and communications management.” Organicom (Brazil) Cenários Internacionais de Relações Públicas e Comunicação Organizacional. Edition 24 (1), 95-102. Available online:

2016              Flynn, T. “You had me at hello: How personal, developmental and social characteristics influence communicator persuasiveness and effectiveness.” Research Journal of the Institute for Public Relations, 3(1). Word count: 4,362. Available online:

2016             Killingsworth, C. & Flynn, T. “Assessing the CPRS Pathways to the Profession Competency Framework: Perspectives on Corporate Communication Leadership Competencies and Credentials.” Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 21(2). 177-194. (equal contributor).

2015            Flynn, T. “How narratives can reduce resistance and change attitudes: Insights from behavioral science can enhance public relations research and practice.” Research Journal of the Institute for Public Relations, 2(2), (October, 2015). Word count: 6, 022. Available online:

2014           Flynn, T. “Do they have what it takes:  A review of the literature on Knowledge, Competencies, and Skills necessary for twenty-first-century public relations practitioners in Canada”. Canadian Journal of Communication, 39 (2), 361-384.

2014           Pullen, H., & Flynn, T. “Co-orienting community engagement in hospital system planning: Understanding internal and external perspectives.” Public Relations Journal, 8(2). (equal contributor). Word count: 6,513Available online: