My Teaching

Since joining McMaster University in 2004, I have taught five different undergraduate and six graduate courses in two different faculties (DeGroote School of Business and the Faculty of Humanities). Teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels provides me with an opportunity to connect with both early university learners and those interested in developing and investigating different research topics.

Current Undergraduate Courses

In McMaster’s Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia, I generally teach large-scale classes, ranging from 150-350 first or second-year students.

CMST 1A03: Introduction to Communication (total students 300-350)

CMST 2A03: Quantitative Research Methods (total students 150)

CMST 2PR3: Public Relations: Principles and Practices (total students 150)

CMST 2HM3: Human Communication (total 150-200).


Current Graduate Courses

My primary graduate teaching responsibilities are assigned to the Master of Communications Management degree program, a program that I developed and established in 2007 (a joint program between McMaster University and Syracuse University). In that program I have taught the following courses:

COM MGT 711: Organizational Public Relations

COM MGT 721: Strategic Management

COM MGT 731: Reputation and Brand Management

COM MGT 741: Crisis Communications

I have also taught in the DeGroote School of Business MBA program and in their newly launched e-MBA in Digital Disruption program. In these programs my teaching generally relates to crisis management and communications, reputation management, public relations management, and general short courses in inter-personal, human communications.