Graduate Supervision

I mostly supervise graduate students in four masters programs:

The McMaster-Syracuse Master of Communications Management (MCM)

The Master of Arts in Communication and New Media (MA)

The Master of Science in Communications Management (Syracuse/Newhouse)

The Master of Health Management (MHM — DeGroote School of Business)

Here is a list of my recent supervisorships:

MCM Program

2017    Parm Chohan, Masters Capstone Project “The impact of diversity and inclusion on corporate reputation, communications strategy and social citizenship”.

2016    Deanna Levy, Masters Capstone Project, “Hamilton Port Authority: Assessment of Community Engagement and Key Influencers Opinions.”

2016    Caitlyn Coverly, Masters Capstone Project, “The Pursuit of Influence: Chief Marketing Officers versus Chief Communications Officers in Corporate America’s C-Suite.”

2016    Lonny Kates, Masters Capstone Project, “PRoud and fabulous: The career experiences of gay male public relations practitioners in Canada.”

2016    Christine Bernard, Masters Capstone Project, “Enhancing Internal Communications: The Importance of Channel Preference for Increasing Employee Engagement.”

2016    Tajana Laskovic, Master Capstone Project, “Social licence to operate: Practical understanding of the concept and processes to attain and maintain it.”

2015    Victor Vrsnik, Masters Capstone Project, “From license to operate to license to lead: A case of corporate legitimacy and reputation”.

MA in Communication and New Media Program:

2016    Matthew Belan, Major Research Project, “The use of the queer body in promotional media.”

2016    Christina Pellegrini, Major Research Project, “Leadership, communication and healthcare: Understanding the role of communications in building collaborative healthcare teams.”

2015    Sebastian Dobocz, Major Research Project, “Crisis, communications & Canadian hospitals: An analysis and evaluation of risk preparedness & crisis communications efforts in hospitals in Ontario.”

2014    Sara Weales, Major Research Project, “Communicating leadership potential: Navigating self-promotion and the corporate world as a young communication professional.”

M.Sc. in Communications Management:

2016        Stacey Hajdak, Masters Capstone Project “Mind the Gap: The Impact of Reporting Structure in Private Utilities on Communications Excellence”

2015        Kelly Gaggin, Masters Capstone Project, “Great expectations: Identifying linkages between external communications and the propensity for stakeholder advocacy”

2011        Clarke DuMont, Masters Capstone Project, “Don’t Be So Defensive: What and How Organizational Reputation is Determined in the US Aerospace, Defense, and Security Industry… and Why It Matters”

2010        Gail Dundas, Masters Capstone Project, “Corporate Reputation: Exploring the Relationship Between the Practice of Excellent Public Relations and Fortune ‘Most Admired’ Status”

Master of Health Management Program:

2017    Catherine Mackowski, Major Scholarly Paper: “Identifying Risk and Managing Reputation in Medical Regulation, is it Feasible?” Master of Health Management, McMaster University.

2016    Julie Holt, Major Scholarly Paper: “Risk management and risk assessment for public health in Ontario”. Master of Health Management, McMaster University.

2014    Martin Ruaux, Major Scholarly Paper: “Patient Expectations, Consumerism and Health Literacy: Examining influences on Patient-Centred Care Policy in Ontario.” Master of Health Management, McMaster University.

 2013    Maria Rotondi, Major Scholarly Paper: “Telemedicine and Change Management: The Puzzle Pieces to Success.” Master of Health Management, McMaster University.


External Examiner (Ph.D/Masters Committees)

I have also had the pleasure of being nominated to sit on Ph.D. and Masters committees in recent years. Here is a sampling of some of those recent assignments.

2017        Ph.D. Dissertation Defense. Matthew Tidwell. “May I offer you a gift card? An analysis of VW’s response strategy in the wake of its Dieselgate scandal”. University of Kansas.

2017        Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination and Oral Defense Committee Member, Matthew Tidwell. University of Kansas.

2017        Madison Williams, Thesis, “Campus ministries caught in promotional culture: An analysis of dialogic communication on non-profit’s Facebook pages. Master of Arts in Communication, Carleton University.

2014        Dustin Manley, Thesis, “Competencies, qualifications, and education in Canadian public relations and communications management,” Master of Arts in Professional Communication, Royal Roads University.